Designed and manufactured exclusively for multirotors

Craftmanship  Affordability Durability

Engineered For Peak Performace

Fluxer propeller are precision-engineered to deliver exactly the kind of performance you’re looking for. Every propeller our engineers create is designed for optimized weight, thrust, efficiency, strength, stiffness, and even aerodynamics-not to mention affordability, longevity, and sheer fun!

Customized Solutions for Diverse Prop Needs

We offer one-stop customized solutions for various demands in Multirotor area. The demands of Multirotors become more and more diverse, and the standardized propellers in current market may not be able to meet some of the demands. Fluxer – Designed Exlusively for Multirotors, who dedicate to offer solutions for various demands in multirotor area. We do this through experienced R & D team, full passion, constant innovation and curiosity, and a focus on offering solutions for diverse multirotor demands.

Multirotors are widely used in following areas:

Aerial Photography UAV, Aerial Video UAV, Aerial Inspection Services UAV, Aerial Security UAV, Aerial Surveillance UAV, Aerial Scientific Services UAV, Aerial Mapping Services UAV, Target groups which is uses Multirotor (Drones), Public Authority with UAV, Police, Fire fighter, Government & Military, Industry with UAV, Geographic Information System (GIS) / Photogrammetry, Energy & Energy-Supplier, Security, Aerospace, Agro, Research & Development / Education by UAV, Research Institutes, Universities, Aerial Search & Rescue UAV,

User of a multirotor (drones)

Photographers, Journalists, Media Agencies, Archeologists, Surveyors, Architects, Real-Estate Brokers, Pollution Control, Meteorology, Environment Studies, Fire Fighters, Police & Security, Movie Making, Television, Sporting Events.

Why become our Dealer/Distributor?

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the process for becoming a Dealer? 2. What price benefits do I get as a Dealer?
Once you complete the  Contact Us Form,, our professional sales will contact you shortly within 24hrs for additional information. Pretty profitable supports will be offered to support dealers and distributors. All Dealer discount rates are based on a tier system which depends on the size of your order. The larger the order size, the higher the discount rate.
3. Are retail prices determined by FLUXER? 4. What forms of payment are available?
Yes, as a dealer, you should obey our Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. We don’t accept retail price lower than MSRP. TT, paypal are all available.
5. What shipping methods pertain to Dealers? 6. Can you produce any custom props?
All orders will be shipped by DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc. You will be provided with a tracking number once the parcel has shipped. We’re professional Multirotor Props manufacturer with experienced R & D team, we can provide full customization solution for any multirotors. Please contact us directly for more information .
7. What is the Dealer policy on Warranties?
FLUXER warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of twelve (12) months after delivery to the original retail purchaser.

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