carbon fiber props

Why was our prop profile born?

ULTRA LIGHT carbon fiber props

reengineered shape for best Airflow and thurst


carbon fiber props

Optimized moment of inertia

The prop shape was designed based on power dissipation, thrust, efficiency and moment inertia of a propeller, especially for the especial condition of multirotor aircrafts. Smaller tip area and bigger root area, it helped to get the optimized moment of inertia while remain the equal thrust output, so that the responsive speed could be more sensitive.

Optimized Load Distribution

Through simulation and analyses, the tip load was decreased without the loss of thrust by a multi optimization method, which is helpful to save structure weight. The values for propeller beta were optimized to match thrust demand at different rotation rate.

High efficient structure

To meet a more powerful, rigid, and lighter structure, it adopts high

modulus carbon fiber material with balsa wood core.

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